nedelja, 14. junij 2015


What you experience when you go to Sarajevo?
Life.. on every corner.. 

from a bike ride by the clear green river.. to exploring the mountains above the city.. finding some crazy Slovenians training for one of the next winter Olympic games.. and having a lunch at the place where you can easily forget about the time.. we were just sitting there, cuddling all fluffy fellas that came in to our hands and talking about life that is there.. far far away.

sobota, 06. junij 2015

Goni Pony

Imagine riding a bike with its dinky frame and comically undersized wheels for a 13,5km, starting at 800m and finishing at 1611m above sea level. It was a race to remember.. it was an afternoon back in the 80's.. 

Pony is for sure bike that size everybody.. from a petite female students to lanky businessman in three-piece suits to centenarian grandmother, perched on their swingy seats.. and goes everywhere.. even to Vršič which is known as a classic for all cycling enthusiasts.