nedelja, 17. maj 2015

On the other side..

On the other side of the mountains.. there is a clear blue river surrounded by breathtaking mountains, nice people and one of the best trails you can find in nearby.

This is the place where we will host next Single Speed European Championship and this was just one of the weekends that we spent there, searching for the best trails... I guess this will be the best excuse to go there again and enjoy that special place even more often as I did before and I am very much looking forward to it.

nedelja, 03. maj 2015


You don't need magic to disappear.. all you need is a destination! 
This time the destination was Corsica. We were getting lost and found on that magical island, full of curvy narrow roads, beautiful beaches, speachless views.. there are a lot of stories to tell but let the photos speak for themselves.

Ruta: Bastia - Saint Florent - Algajola - Calvi - Galeria - Porto - Piana - Ajaccio - Propriano - Bonifacio - Porto Vecchio - Zonza - Aullene - Zicavo - Ghisoni - Corte - Ponte Leccia - Bastia - Cap Corse - Saint Florent - Bastia