četrtek, 11. december 2014

Snow ride

A day weel spent is:
a day on the snow..
a day on a bike..
a day on the top of the mountain..
a day on the snowy mountain with a bike, dog and a friend. :)

nedelja, 16. november 2014

Dreamy sunday

There was nothing more than a nice 'Are you coming with me?'
note to a friend and there we were..
on the road to the mountains with our furry frinds..
on the road to another nice spent day up there..
the sun, the view and everything else made our dreams real even this time.
The distance between your dreams and reality is called action.

petek, 31. oktober 2014

sobota, 18. oktober 2014

Those late summer days

The best possible way to spend a warm summer day in the middle of October is spending it on a bike.

Ruta: Soriška planina - Vrh Bače - Lovska koča - Lajnar - Soriška planina

nedelja, 05. oktober 2014

Girls just wanna have fun

All these years we didn't realize we were making memories..
we just knew we were having fun!

 And as we had fun before, we had it this weekend and for sure there is more to follow. 

sobota, 27. september 2014

Not just another race

It's been awhile since my last regatta or I could even say my last proper sailing. And it was fun as always.. all kinds of weather, people and nice evenings in a sound of guitar under the stars..
With some new bruises, salt in my hair and big smile on my face we finished 13th Loka Timing Club Reggata on a third place.
Feels like good old times!