nedelja, 27. september 2015

Late september hike

It was one of those days you just can't get stuck on the first mountaintop you see.. and so we were walking and walking and walking. Every time we stopped he was showing some trails on the last mountain I could see, but hey.. it was just a few steps away to another beautiful scenery.

All I was thinking was that he is even worse than me in discovering new places and 'let's see what is behind that corner' kind of trips. Thanks for this one.. ;)

Photos taken with: 
Canon Eos 7D mark II and iPhone 5s

Trail info:
Javorje - Pl. Suha - Matajurc - Rodica - Zadnja Suha - Pl Suha - Javorje

sobota, 1. avgust 2015

Once in a blue moon

Sometimes you just need to escape from the city.. follow the sun until it goes down.. and under one million star hotel, with the most powerful moon, waiting until it comes back again..

And this morning photos.. they are just an reminder why I started and why I will do it again..

Foto: urSASAso

nedelja, 26. julij 2015

Weekend sail away

The most memorable days usually end up with wet clothes.. and a huge smile on my face.

And so it was this time.. we were sailing and supping in Dalmatia.. diving the deep blue sea.. playing with dolphins.. meeting friends on my favorite island.. catching sunrises and enjoying sunsets.. for sure days to remember..

nedelja, 14. junij 2015


What you experience when you go to Sarajevo?
Life.. on every corner.. 

from a bike ride by the clear green river.. to exploring the mountains above the city.. finding some crazy Slovenians training for one of the next winter Olympic games.. and having a lunch at the place where you can easily forget about the time.. we were just sitting there, cuddling all fluffy fellas that came in to our hands and talking about life that is there.. far far away.